Core Purpose

Core Purpose

To unleash Africa’s agrifood potential through technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Core Purpose

Our Mission

To partner with entrepreneurs who are building agrifood technology businesses that can positively impact the African agrifood sector and enable them to accelerate their growth and impact.

About Us

Agventure is Africa’s leading agrifood tech group. We invest in privately-owned agrifood companies with the potential to transform the African agrifood sector due to their innovative technology and dynamic entrepreneurship. We are more than an investor – we become a partner and assist investee companies to build their businesses and expand across Africa. Our head office is in South Africa.


Biostimulants: Greater than the sum of the parts

Many misconceptions and misrepresentations exist about biostimulants, but research has started to separate the wheat from the chaff. According to the European Union, biostimulants are defined as...

Biofertiliser: From big data to big life

Biofertiliser works, but the circumstances under which it can be optimally utilised are not yet an exact science. Biofertiliser refers to a group of biological products that use microorganisms to increase soil fertility. Biological products are the umbrella term...

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